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In central Italy, a series of severe earthquakes caused massive damage to historic cities between August 2016 and January 2017. During the 2016 earthquake in Accumoli, large portions of the historic city center were destroyed, including the Torre Civica and Palazzo del Guasto, which dates back to the 12th century.

For the project ComPaRe, Accumoli has been selected as a case study, to generate transnational awareness of a problem, to examine the past-present-future together, and, above all, to work on solutions as an international community using crowd-sourced data. Accumoli case study results will be reflected in guidelines for civic engagement and heritage protection.

"Scuola di Ricostruzione di Accumoli“ is the infrastructural basis for the ComPaRe project, equipped with modern telematic devices, three seminar rooms, an auditorium and much more. Accumoli municipality opened it for study, research, and public events. It serves as a meeting place for the local population and authorities.



The project aims to develop, optimize and test teaching methods, didactic concepts and instruments for dealing with real, complex tasks in rebuilding historic city centers that have been destroyed by nature or humans. This project focuses not only on the reconstruction of the physical city structure, but also on the economic, social, and cultural aspects. The process encourages critical thinking about factors that influence cities' resilience as well as intercultural competencies.
In collaboration with the partner institutions, a trans-disciplinary
teaching and research program will be developed to reconstruct the destroyed urban structures holistically. The project aims to develop and implement study programs for rebuilding destroyed historical centers and a manual for designing such programs.

Additionally, the project is intended to facilitate sustainable development, inclusion, and citizen participation in Europe along with the preservation of historical heritage.

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